Book a Top-Quality Photo Shoot

If you have crafted a distinctive hair look, share it with your colleagues in our magazine, books, and posters. Show us what you've got: we schedule photo shoots around the country several times a year.


Through National Solid Gold you can book photo shoots by an internationally acclaimed photographer in your area. Call to inquire.

Personal and Product Shoots

In order to help you capture your vision in photos and gave your style maximum exposure, our package includes:

  • Full photo shoot: A day to convey your styling expertise to an international readership of fellow hair-care professionals.
  • Spread in National Solid Gold magazine, the industry's Number 1 hair styling book. Our magazne is available internationally.
  • Professional makeup, an aspect of the shoot as important as the photographer.

We Make It Easy

If you thought national exposure was beyond your shop or salon's budget, think again. We will work with you. You supply the ideas (we can help you with your storyboard) and the models, and we furnish the makeup, the actual photography, and the photo spread in our magazine. It will get you noticed! Ask us how to make it happen.

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