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National Solid Gold's braid magazines are essential for your salon's ability to enhance your customer's styling experience. Show customers amazing braids and let them choose from our braid magazines so you know exactly what they are referring to. Whether they want French, Dutch, or cornrows, our magazines make it easy to identify and create for each person's unique needs. Carlos Payne and his staff have taken photos from their talent contests and created the definitive braid magazine your salon can't function without. Identifying the right braids for your customer's hair type is essential in creating magnificent braiding that lasts. Whether you want a messy bun or a French braid, our magazine is perfect to be ready to create beloved braiding styles for events or just windy weather. Braiding adds the perfect level of sophistication and elegance to any fashion statement. Contact National Solid Gold today to subsribe to our international braid magazine!

Braid Magazine
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Braid Magazine

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