Barber Facts



In 1959, Edmond O. Roffler developed the Roffler Sculptur-Kut technique, a method where barbers could earn big money and capitalize on long hair. The Roffler-Kut system started with 20 barbers.



The Roffler-Kut system now has over 6,000 barbers that have been trained in the Roffler Method. It is still being practiced today. 



In 1981, the Journeymen Barber International Union became part of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.



Over 50 percent of barber students are female. 



Since 1995, over 50 percent of barber students are African-American.



New technology and techniques continue to shape the future of barbering. Every year more young men and women choose the barber profession. The future of barbering is in their hands. 

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