Our Story: Gathering Fresh Ideas for Clients’ Hair

At National Solid Gold, we're all about fresh ideas presented in eye-popping formats that will show you and the client what a certain style is and what technique is called for. It may have been a while since you graduated from barber or beauty school, but our publications keep you in the loop, knowing what the most effective hair trends are. Subscribe today and see for yourself!

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Eye on Style

Featuring the Number 1 hair-style professionals' magazine in America and the world, we are proud to offer you the finest style books for cuts, styles, and braids, updated once a year. Also, we present you a fine selection of hair style posters to show your customers what you are capable of, and to inspire them to ask you for a specific style when they can't quite describe it. They can just point to a style and you know the rest, adapting it to your client so he or she will love the result and tell all their friends!


With books featuring more than 500 styles, we have something for everyone: traditional barbers, stylists specializing in kids or teens, ethnic/African-American looks, the latest look from New York fashion or the entertainment scenes, or innovators in our field from out-of-the-way places. Your customers will thank you and you will thank us, keeping on top of trends in hair through our annual books and eye-catching posters.

Our Mission: To Make All People Look Beautiful

As members of the hair-care industry with an eye for beautiful images, we are hip to the fact that you are in the business of making people as beautiful as possible, a rewarding, people-pleasing calling. However, as with any job, you run the risk of burnout, particularly in a field as creative as ours. You've seen every kind of hair and fear falling into a rut. That's where National Solid Gold books and products save the day, both for your shop or salon and your customers.


The best way we can help make all people beautiful is to use our photography and publishing to spread hot style ideas and skills. Build on your training and experience: learn from others! We are honored to facilitate that process in the hair-care community, guaranteeing happier customers and more beauty and style in our world.

Meet the Photographer

Besides being the owner of National Solid Gold, Carlos Payne is an internationally acclaimed photographer, eminently qualified to share your best styles with the world through yearly style books and attractive shop/salon posters. He has helmed the world's Number 1 barbers'/stylists' hair magazine for 15 years. He is based in the Philadelphia area but travels around the country, seeking new styles to photograph and show off on our pages and posters. You might be our next find! Contact us for a personal or product photo shoot and let us know what you've got.

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